Tunbridge Wells Clinic for Urinary Urgency and Leakage

Both men and women may experience an urge to suddenly pass water.   The first signs may be noticing they you have to keep an eye out for where toilets are when you are going out of the house.  Doctors often call this urinary urgency.  Some patients who have more severe symptoms may experience leakage of urine (incontinence).  It can be embarrassing to discuss with your doctor and patients often…

New Treatments for Recurring Urine Infection in Women

Having one urine infection is enough to put up with and women are more likely to suffer with this condition. Some women are unlucky enough to suffer with more than one urine infection and these can need specialist assessment and treatment  particularly if they are suffering more than two infections per year. Specialist tests including non-invasive ultrasound scans are usual in younger patients to rule out kidney stones and other problems….